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You definitely know that its almost impossible to make a guy fall for you. Yeah, we all have failed trying at least once in our lives. But you can actually encourage your dream guy to feel the same way you do. Before making crazy mistakes all crazy-in-love girls usually regret later, learn this interesting strategy. This info will help you increase his affection for you even without him noticing it at first.

1) First of all, guys like girls who care about themselves. The ugly truth is, men not only find women attractive because of their personality. The first they see in a woman is her whole look. Thats why, if youre trying to live a healthy life, care about your skin, hair, nails etc., be sure, you have more chances to conquer his heart on your first meeting where you want to put forth the best first impression. Love yourself!

15 Clever Tips On How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You 22) Stay confident. We feel more confident when we look and feel great, right? Confidence is the key to attraction. Why not use it? It is good not to be afraid to show what you like and what you want. This makes a man you like feel more valuable.

3) Eye contact. Making eye contact is what couples who are in love will typically do. When you look into his eyes, youre not only making him understand that youre interested, but also may make him believe hes falling in love with you. Theres nothing to be afraid of, but if you think, its too early yet, try giving him quick glances.

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