Who among us wouldnt want to be a celebrity? Their lives are so much better than ours. They wear fancier clothes, drive more expensive cars, live in bigger (like MUCH bigger) homes (and have more than one), and they have people wait on them hand and foot to make sure their every whim and wish is fulfilled. The one thing celebrities have in common with us common folk is that, just as often, their relationships go to crap. Just like us they find themselves in lackluster marriages and find their eyes and eventually their genitals wandering elsewhere.

Here are 15 celebs who married their mistress:

Blake Shelton

Back in 2005, Blake Shelton found himself performing with a very pert and perky Miranda Lambert. The show was the CMT 100 Greatest Duets concert and it was love at first sight for both country singers. The only problem was, Shelton was a married man, but he didnt seem to mind that little complication and pursued Lambert like a dog pursues anything with bacon on it. Shelton eventually got a divorce and he and Lambert got hitched in 2011. Sadly, it has just been announced that these two country lovebird are divorcing.