Youd think with everything else celebrities have going for them (millions of dollars, ginormous mansions, Roll Royces in the driveway, and adoring fans) that they would also have the ability to age well. Now some celebrities arent aging well and they look years older than they actually are, and some celebrities arent aging well because they look like they are still 13 years old. And then there are the lucky ones who ARE aging well because they look ten years younger with youthful skin.

We guarantee when you see these 15 pairs of celebrities side by side, you will be shocked that they are the same age.

Selena Gomez & Kate Upton 23

Selena Gomez makes herself up and plays the part of a sexy vixen, but the truth is, she looks 14 and will most likely look 14 for quite a while. Its really hard to take her seriously when shes posing and all pouty. On the flip side, Kate looks a bit older than her 23 years and we dont think its her bodacious ta-tas that age her. At any rate, these two do not seem the same age in the least.