The beginning of a relationship can be a cloudy thing – it’s hard to determine if someone is just playing you and feeding you words you want to hear, or if they’re sincere and really care about you. Here’s a guide to weeding out the bad guys from the good ones, and seeing who’s willing to go past the casual phase and dive into something real.

1. He’s stopped seeing other people and wants to be exclusive.
He wants to see you on Friday and Saturday. He’s so into you, he can’t even think about other girls, because you’re the only one that really makes him happy. He knows building a real foundation with you means getting serious with exclusivity, and he’s into it.

2. He’s starting using the we word.
That means he visualizes himself with you, and wants to get serious with you. He wants to make more memories with you, and wouldn’t use that word if he couldn’t see himself with you.