Anyone whos ever been told they are overweight and need to lose a few may have gone on a diet and exercise regimen to keep a moderate amount of weight on their frame.

Then there are some people who, because of their profession, their social status in society, body image issues brought about by media brainwashing, or because of a body dysmorphic disorder, are obsessed with keeping themselves thin to the point of emaciation.

These people, for whom body image is everything, have resorted to some really frightening methods to keep their weight down. Such as:

#1. Injecting themselves with pee

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A new Australian dieting craze called the Wee Fit, has seen hundreds, if not thousands of Down Under dieters injecting themselves with human urine to trick their body into thinking they are pregnant, and allegedly losing up to a pound a day. Urine contains the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG) that is said to boost metabolism, and burn calories faster. The downsides are smelling like a public restroom, and danger of infection from non-sterile needles. This method has also been declared fraudulent and illegal by the US FDA.

#2. Ingesting cotton or toilet paper

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Hey, its fiber, right? Dieters desperate enough to quieten the hunger pangs would take the cotton ball challenge by soaking wads of cotton in juice or water, and then swallowing them. Unfortunately, these indigestible clumps of filaments wad together in the large intestine, causing painful blockages, and worse, resulting in intestinal track ruptures that would then send half-digested food and feces spreading like mad all over the gastric cavity and bloodstream. Hello, septicaemia!

#3. The Sleeping Beauty Diet

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Cant find the willpower to stop eating? Take some sedatives and sleep it off. By the time you waken, youll be too groggy and fuzzy-headed to feel hungry. If performed repeatedly over time, your muscles will atrophy, youll become dehydrated, and your liver will accumulate fatal amounts of toxins enough to fail. But hey, youll be thin!

#4. Syrup of Ipecac

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In the olden days, Ipecac was a cure-all used as a cough syrup, and to help people regurgitate whatever poisons they had in their body that made them feel ill. For bulemics, however, the sludgy sugar syrup/glycerin/methylparaben compound is a godsend to help send them into purging heaven…as well as heighten their risks of heart attacks, strokes, and aneurysms.

#5. ABC Anorexic Boot Camp

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Photo credit: Pinterest

Yes, ABC has become a movement. Anorexic sufferers themselves have published how-to articles online, and have posted glowing recommendations and first-hand reviews of products and methods of how to best starve yourself. In fact, this movement has a following consisting of impressionable tweens, teens, and young adults who have been led by the media to believe they can never be thin enough to be happy.

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