10 Interesting Facts About CondomsCondoms are the most used method of contraception around the world. Most people use them every time they have intercourse. Sure, theres alternatives, but its pretty much the only thing that can protect you from unwanted pregnancies and STDs at the same time.

1. Condoms are ancient.
Condoms have been around for ages. The first condoms date back to 11000 BC well call them dinosaur condoms! Theres one thats been found in Sweden that dates back to 1640s that came with instructions on proper use. Lovely, isnt it? This means that even way back then people cared about safe sex.

2. They used to be made from questionable materials.
The first condoms were kind of disgusting. Before the invention of latex all sorts of materials were used. Throughout history condoms have been made of pig intestines, goat bladders, fish skin, linen, silk and even leather. We can only imagine how pleasant that felt for both men and women.

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