For most of us, sleeping is a way of resting our tired bodies and restoring our energy for next days activities. For others, its a escape from reality. Some dream in their sleep, others dont, while others do things without having any memory of it the next day. Some feel revitalized the next day, while others feel even more tired and restless.

These are ten extraordinary and mind-boggling stories about sleeping and waking up to strange occurrence.

Woman mistakenly declared to be dead woke up in a mortuary freezer and died shortly afterwards


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In 2010, a woman in Los Angeles was declared dead, citing cardiac arrest as the cause. However, a pathologist countered the declaration, saying that she died due to asphyxiation and hypothermia; the body bag in which she was placed was open halfway through and she was found lying face down, her face battered and her nose broken. The hospital denied any foul play or negligence on their part.

Rock icon wrote a verse of a famous song in his sleep


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Rock icon Keith Richards admitted that he composed one of The Rolling Stones greatest hits in his sleep. According to him, he fell asleep holding his guitar one night, and the next day he saw a tape recorded during his sleep. Upon playing the tape, he found out that he recorded a verse. In case youre curious, the song was Satisfaction.

Community woke up to a town covered with spider webs


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Australia is known for its diverse wildlife, and this story just proves that. Last May 2015, the community of Goulburn, New South Wales woke up to their yards covered in white. Everyone thought it was a strange occurrence of snow, but upon closer inspection they found out it was spiderwebs with the spiders still within the tangle of webs.

Man lost his memory and woke up everyday thinking he has a dentists appointment


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If waking up realizing that you cant remember anything is already a shock, then this mans experience must be hell. Coupled with his memory loss, hes stuck in a loop where he thinks that he has a dentists appointment that day. The man was given a shot of anaesthetic before his root canal procedure, and his life has never been the same since. He can now only store his memories for 90 minutes, although neuropsychologists can find no signs of brain damage.

Luggage handler woke up inside a planes cargo section…in the middle of its flight


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If being caught sleeping on the job is bad enough, then this poor mans experience is even worse. Ramp agent Willa Junior fell asleep inside the cargo hold of Alaska Airlines flight 448 due to exhaustion. When he woke up, the plane was already airborne. Suffice it to say that the pilot and crew were surprised when they heard the banging coming from the cargo area and found the disoriented ramp agent inside.

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