10 Bizarre Sex Toys You Wish You Never Knew ExistedMy grandpa once said there are three components of successful marriage: respect, good relations with partners parents and satisfying sex. All 3 should be nurtured during your lifetime and we all know how to deal with the frist two aspects, but to make sex appealing after ten years of marriage may become a challenge. Luckily, humanity has found a limitless number of ways to spice up lovemaking.

A variety of obsessed inventors spent days and nights anxiously breaking their heads over the question how to satisfy even the most refined and extravagant sexual preferences. Sometimes they may cross the line in their search. Here is a collection of the ten most bizarre and unusual sex toys that anyone can buy.

1. Edible Lingerie1. Edible LingerieVery convenient, by the way. Every time you are involved in sexual intercourse you get hungry and exhausted, right? With edible lingerie, there is no need to move your exhausted body to the kitchen and to cook something, plus it replaces your lingerie, so you save time on washing clothes. Sounds like its the ultimate invention! But… It will be torn apart as soon as you try to wear it, and it tastes like paper. Better buy some fruits and whipped cream to improvise.

2. Orgasmatron 3000 Laundry Machine2. Orgasmatron 3000 Laundry MachineUtterly useless. The black leather saddle can be useful no doubts, but will you actually spend money on the extra washing machine? Why would you do that? Quickly put a pair of boots inside your habitual Whirlpool or Electrolux, turn on the drying regime and you will get the same effect. But, if you still use washing machines in public laundries you should consider buying one mix business with pleasure!

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