Contributed by Bobby Rio, Co-creator of Unlock Her Legs: How to Finally Nail that Hard to Get Girl.

11friendbanner-572x380Today I want to talk about the importance of creating a sexual vibe with a girl QUICKLY. I put the quickly in capital letters for a reason.

Too many guys think first, Im going to show her what a nice, funny, interesting guy I am, THEN Ill try to create some sexual attraction.


Heres why…

Because when a girl meets you she immediately tries to place you in one of four categories:

1. Creep (shes just not into you, and wants to get away from you as quickly as she can).

2. Potential friend (shes thinking Oh, hes nice, hes friendly. I dont mind talking to him.)

3. Potential Boyfriend (this guy has boyfriend potential)

4. Potential Lover (Im getting horny, I can imagine having sex with that guy. Im feeling a weird desire I dont usually feel this soon.)

Here is where most guys mess up. You present yourself as boyfriend material. It seems logical right? Ill show her all these great qualities I have and shell think hed make a great boyfriend.

Oh, he likes to travel
Oh, we both like to do yoga
Oh, hes got a great job
Oh, we have a similar sense of humor

Now, heres the giant flaw in that strategy. None of that makes her want to sleep with you and a girl will only make you her boyfriend if she wants to sleep with you (sorry, no way around that)… If she doesnt want to sleep with you, then you get placed in the friend category.

And THIS right here is why so many guys continually get placed in the friend zone, because they try for the boyfriend zone.

Heres the kicker…

When a girl thinks It would be fun to have sex with this guy even though I dont see boyfriend potential from him, THAT is the guy who she usually winds up dating the guy she was just planning on sleeping with.

Potential Lover First. Potential Boyfriend Second.

Now, there are certain things you can do to steer a conversation with a girl into potential lover zone and the sooner the better. How do you do it?

I have written a guide that walks you through 3 simple steps. The important thing about these three steps is that you MUST (let me repeat that for added emphasis) you M.U.S.T. do them in this exact order.

If you do it wrong, youll be placed in the creep zone. If you follow these three steps, youll easily transition things towards sex.

P.S. A lot of guys go for that potential boyfriend material, they dont make their move quick enough and next thing you know theyre in the friend zone.

So, you want to go for potential love right off the bat. Check out this 35 page blueprint walking you through each step!